Past Winners

2022 – Winners


First Place – Hall’s Beer Cheese

Second Place – Bootlegger Beer Cheese

Third Place – Smokin’ Joe’s Beer Cheese

People’s Choice Winner – Blue Isle Beer Cheese  

Amateur Beer Cheese Winners

1st Place – Michele Richards

2nd Place – Greg/Tonya Willoughby

3rd Place – Jason (Apple) Neely

2021 – No Festival was held this year

2020 – No Festival was held this year


1st Place: Bootlegger Beer Cheese
2nd Place:
River Rat Beer Cheese
3rd Place:
Blue Isle Restaurant

People’s Choice Award: Trick’s Beer Cheese by Merrick Inn

Amateur Division
1st Place:
Steven Childress – Jalapeno Beer Cheese
2nd Place:
Tonya Willoughby
3rd Place: 
Scott Blevins III


1st Place: Kentucky Beer Cheese

2nd Place:  River Rat Beer Cheese

3rd Place:  Big Poppie’s Beer Cheese

People’s Choice Award:  River Rat Beer Cheese


1st Place: John Hedger, “Johnny Roy’s Can’t Stop Licking”

2nd Place: Linda Bridgewater

3rd Place: John Hedger, “My Ol’ Kentucky Tang”


1st Place: Kentucky Beer Cheese

2nd Place:  River Rat Beer Cheese

3rd Place:  Full Circle Market

People’s Choice Award:  River Rat Beer Cheese


1st Place: Ben Goff, Top Shelf- Sharp

2nd Place: Quaintance Clark, Q’s Triple B Beer Cheese

3rd Place: Ben Goff, Top Shelf -Smoked


1st  place Full Circle Market Beer Cheese

2nd place River Rat Beer Cheese

3rd place: Moo Shine Beer Cheese

PEOPLE’S CHOICE: Hall’s The Original Snappy Beer Cheese


1st: Greg Willoughby with Aunt Emma’s Beer Cheese

2nd: Barry Proffitt

3rd: Steve Childress


1st place Hall’s The Original Snappy Beer Cheese
2nd place River Rat Beer Cheese
3rd place Colonel O’Kirby’s Beer Cheese

PEOPLE’S CHOICE: Dad’s Favorite Beer Cheese

1st: Anna profitt
2nd: Dane Garner
3rd: Steve Childress – Jalapeño


1st place Steve’s Ready to Dip Beer Cheese

2nd place Dad’s Favorite Beer Cheese

3rd place Ashby’s Beer Cheese 

PEOPLE’S CHOICE: Double Dip Beer Cheese

Amateur Winners

1st: Ollie Puckett $200

2nd: Tiffany Sokolowski $100

3rd: Steve Childress $50


1st place Ashby’s Beer Cheese

2nd place Kentucky Beer Cheese

3rd place Steve’s Ready to Dip Beer Cheese

PEOPLE’S CHOICE:  DJ’s Bar & Grill Beer Cheese

Amateur Winners

1st : Sarah Smith

2nd :  Chris Moore

3rd : Anna Profitt


1st place Larry Mac’s Beer Cheese

People’s Choice: Big Russ Beer Cheese

Amateur Ollie Puckett


1st place Kentucky Beer Cheese

People’s Choice: DJ’s Bar and Grill Beer Cheese

Amateur Hunt Rose


1st place Southwind Sports Bar Beer Cheese

2nd place Howard’s Creek Authentic Beer Cheese

3rd  place Allman’s Beer Cheese

Amateur Mike Hurter and Olivia Hurter Swan (now known as Olivia’s Beer Cheese)


1st place Southwind Sports Bar Beer Cheese

2nd place Howard’s Creek  Authentic Beer Cheese

3rd place Allman’s Beer Cheese

Amateur  Mary Jane Rush